Dr Nicola Symonds

Unit Head


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New cyclic corrosion test chamber

We recently took delivery of a new cyclic corrosion test chamber from Ascott and it is now up and running. It’s capable of running salt spray cycles in combination with controlled humidity, drying and wetting. We can include outdoor exposure testing to complement your testing requirements as well as a full post-test analysis of your samples.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive corrosion testing service for your product, find out more and get in touch for a free consultation.

Visit to Knightwood Primary School

A really enjoyable visit to Knightwood Primary School where our Director, Professor Nicola Symonds, gave Year 5 pupils a hands-on introduction to key ideas in materials science and structures, with the help of various props including a large foam noodle, paper clips and mugs.

She also answered lots of questions about her failure investigation work, including “What is the biggest thing you’ve ever investigated?” – the answer being a cruise ship!

We were delighted to hear the teacher’s feedback: “It was a memorable learning experience for them which is always what we are looking to achieve!” Hopefully we’ve inspired some future materials scientists…

How much force does it take to pull a Christmas cracker?

Important work in our lab to answer a critical festive question – how much force does it take to pull a Christmas cracker? According to Dr Benjamin Cunningham‘s test, 135 N – equivalent to nearly 14 kg – to break the cracker, and 60 mm extension to make it go bang!