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Taber Abraser Wear Testing

With our new Genuine Taber Abraser (or abrader) we have the facilities and the tribological expertise to test for abrasive wear in accordance with ASTM D4060-19 and ASTM D1044-19.

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What is abrasive wear & how it is measured?

Abrasion is a process of wearing something away and can often be classified as two or three-body. Two-body abrasive wear involves particles embedded in one surface ploughing into the other while three-body abrasive wear involves freely rolling particles removing material from one surface throughout the process.

We use a genuine Taber Abraser to test the ability of a material or a coating to resist abrasion. A flat specimen is mounted on to a turntable and is rotated at a known fixed speed resulting in wear tracks that can be profiled or evaluated for mass loss, or changes in appearance.

With a grit feed attachment we are also able to evaluate three body abrasion by introducing grit uniformly and continuously at a specific rate.

JB using the Taber Abrader

  • We can determine the best abrasive wear resistant material or coating for your specific condition in accordance with ASTM D4060-19 and ASTM D1044-19.

Two genuine Taber abrasive wheels are lowered on to the surfaces at a specific pressure and as the specimen is rotated the wheels are driven in opposing directions forming wear (debris are removed by a vacuum). A circular pattern is formed on the sample which is designed to reveal the abrasion resistance at all angles.

The  number of cycles to reach a specific condition can be determined or the wear pattern can be evaluated after a set number of cycles. Either way we have the facilities to carry out full evaluation after testing




Taber Abrader with Abrasive Wheels

Taber Abrader

There are various standard test methods that are used, the most common are:

  • ASTM D4060 Standard Test Method for Abrasion Resistance of Organic Coatings by the Taber Abraser.
  • BS ISO 9352 Plastics – Determination of Resistance to Wear by Abrasive Wheels.

The Taber Abraser can be used to test to many more standards, a full list can be found at the Taber Industries website.