Dr Nicola Symonds

Unit Head


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nC² Engineering Consultancy

We are an Enterprise team within the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences (FEPS) at the University of Southampton. We have been providing consultancy services for customers seeking solutions in the fields of tribology, surface science and materials engineering since Oct 2015. Read more about us in the interview with Nicola.

As a Consultancy Unit within the University of Southampton, our core staff of professional engineers harness state-of-the-art test and analysis facilities. We have the agility and expertise to design each project individually to meet your requirements drawing upon internationally recognised academic experts as needed.

  • We work direct with industry/government
  • We work on research grants – with history of winning Innovate grants
  • We can also work on internal cost coded projects

Orthopeadic Investigations

We have internationaly recognised expertise in materials failure investigations.  A recent medical related investigation was for the North Devon Healthcare NHS Trust.  We examined a retrieved plate and screws used to fix ankle fractures, which appear to be displaying corrosion features.

Macroscopic and microscopic destructive examinations of both the plate and the screws were performed anayzing the materials involved and the damage produced; opinion and recommendations were provided.

TE77 computerised control

Friction Testing

Quantifying materials that need to grip or slide:

  • We have expertise at measuring friction and wear
  • We can generate a range of loads, speeds and temperatures

Corrosion Testing

The materials used in the medical field need to survive harsh enviroments:

  • We have enviromental chambers for running accelerated salt spray and humidity tests
  • Wet chemistry expertise to run galvanic cell corrosion tests (see image)

Surface Profiling

Understanding and measuring surfaces:

  • We have 3D non-contacting profilometers
  • We can measure roughness, form, defects etc

Please get in touch with us if you have need of our advice or services.

We have the flexibility to work for a couple of hours or several months on a project.


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