Dr Nicola Symonds


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Case Studies

Interview with Nicola
Meet Dr Nicola Symonds, Director of nC² - a thriving consultancy unit with a highly respected team and worldwide impact.
Air sand erosion
Air – Sand erosion test method has been used to assess the erosion resistance behaviour and rank the performances of various engineering materials
Impeller investigation
μ-CT was applied to investigate a failed bronze centrifugal impeller from the sea water pump of a military ship.  
Bearing Eye
A project sponsored by Innovate UK in collaboration with Scantron Industrial Products Ltd. This 2 year project is due to finish in September 2021.
Defending the Environment
Tanks and military platforms are coated to provide Corrosion resistant properties. We have been working with DSTL to find alternative products that are compliant with REACH legislation
Cavitation Performance
The cavitation erosion performance of Nickel 200 was used to calibrate the equipment at the University of Southampton which was then used to compare a range of materials including steel, ceramics, carbide and PEEK.
A project sponsored by Innovate UK carried out in collaboration with Perpetuum Ltd, TWI and ECS. This 2 year project has finished in March 2020.