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Our Services

Abrasion Testing
We offer a range of abrasion tests and can advise on the right ones for your project, with expert analysis of the results
Failure Investigation
We have the facilities and expertise to offer forensic materials engineering and failure analysis directly to industry and government
Particulate Erosion Testing
We can help you find the best resistant material or coating for your specific environment
Corrosion & Paint Testing
Get the data you need to select the best corrosion-resistant material or coating for your product
Cavitation Erosion Testing
Our specialist service will enable you to understand the impact of cavitation erosion on your product
Friction Measurement
We can help you understand and quantify friction to inform your product design
Materials characterisation
We have the facilities and the expertise required to characterise, record and measure the current condition of your materials or components.
Applied Research
We can help you fill knowledge gaps or advise on research funding