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Nicola Symonds


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COVID-19 Update

We are predominately working from home with access to our labs for testing work

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  • We now have laboratory access, see below

Our main priority at nC2 during this unprecedented time is the safety and health of our staff. With this in mind, all our employees have been working from home.

* As of Monday 13th July 2020 we resumed laboratory work for our existing clients.*

The plan is: some of the nC² staff will remain working from home, while others will go into resume experimental and investigative work in the newly opened labs.  Currently all the offices are still shut.  We expect all work to take longer than pre-COVID as we get use to the new ways of working, many thanks once again to all our very patient clients.

  • Although we can't invite you in for face to face meetings, we can set up video conferences to showcase and explain our work to you -Nicola

We can currently carry out literature surveys with our access to the University extensive online library, this is where we can research a subject for you (referencing books, journals, standards) and write a report. This work can be carried out from home.

Additionally paper writing or preparation of posters for conferences – this is mainly for our previous clients, we have access to all the past work and can prepare presentation materials for you.

Adrian @ Safire Ltd

Sample preparation has not stopped, it continued over lock down. Our machinist Adrian Walker at Safire Ltd runs a family business so has had  access to his workshop.

During this time, we are still away from our main offices and phones,  however you can still reach us by

calling Dr Nicola Symonds on 07917265160

or provide us your email and we will be in touch to discuss your needs.

Remember to wash your hands

Remember to look after yourselves, wash your hands and stay safe.


Nicola, Spencer, Ilaria, JB and Sam