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Meet Julie Herniman and John Langley

Dr Julie Herniman and Professor John Langley head up the University of Southampton’s state-of-the-art Chromatography – Mass Spectrometry Facility in the School of Chemistry, one of the leading centres of its kind in the UK. Between them they have almost 60 years of chromatography and mass spectrometry experience, enabling them to provide unrivalled expertise to nC2’s industry clients.

Julie joined the Mass Spectrometry Facility in 1998 and is now its Deputy Head, having become a recognised and respected mass spectrometrist, both nationally and internationally. Earlier in her career she spent nine years at Cardiff University, where she worked on the physical and chemical analysis of marine sediments; during this time she completed an MSc in Environmental and Engineering Geology.

John Langley and Julie Herniman in the lab

Professor John Langley and Dr Julie Herniman

John, who is the Head of the Facility, gained a PhD in mass spectrometry from the University of London. He is the first and only person to have been Chair of the British Mass Spectrometry Society and the Royal Society of Chemistry Separation Science Group, and President of the International Mass Spectrometry Foundation (2018-2022). He is also an Editor of Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry. In 2021, John was awarded the British Mass Spectrometry Society Medal in recognition of his outstanding and sustained contributions to the promotion of mass spectrometry.

Both Julie and John have extensive experience of providing analytical capability for industry, helping companies ranging from SMEs to pharmaceutical and petrochemical multinationals.

We might involve Julie and John at the exploratory stage of our work with a client, to help understand how chromatography and mass spectrometry might help resolve their issue. We also call on them for advice on more complex projects in this field of chemical analysis. They then undertake the appropriate experiments and we incorporate their results and analysis into our client report.

  • We offer unique capability in terms of the expertise we bring and our instrumentation; this means we can provide solutions, not just data.

    Professor John Langley, Head, Mass Spectrometry Facility

  • Because of our experience, we understand industry problems and know how to approach the issues nC²’s clients may have.

    Dr Julie Herniman, Deputy Head, Mass Spectrometry Facility