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Meet Lindsay-Marie Armstrong

Dr Lindsay-Marie Armstrong is an Associate Professor in Mechanical Engineering and an expert in computational fluid dynamics (CFD). She has more than 13 years’ knowledge and experience of CFD research and applications, from fundamental science through to accelerating scale-up technologies.

CFD is the use of mathematics and computer modelling to understand the physical or chemical aspects of fluid behaviour, whether liquid, gas or particles. It’s a cost-effective way to test different parameters for problem solving, product development, prototype testing or design optimisation.

Lindsay’s expertise will be invaluable for any industry challenge where fluid dynamics are at play, from understanding the behaviour of liquid moving through a pipe to modelling complex heat and mass transfer chemical processes.

Photo of Dr Lindsay-Marie Armstrong

Dr Lindsay-Marie Armstrong

As well as her specialist CFD knowledge, our clients benefit from Lindsay’s access to the University’s advanced modelling and analysis facilities, including high-power computing and a wide range of CFD software tools.

Since gaining a PhD in 2012 on CFD for decarbonising technologies using multiphase particle beds. She has developed strong industry links through the development of multi-sector research networks in the field of industrial decarbonisation. She is currently the academic cluster lead for the Solent Industrial Decarbonisation Cluster, a collaboration of industry, academic and public sector partners evolving in partnership with the Industrial Decarbonisation Research and Innovation Centre (IDRIC) and Deputy Director of the University’s Sustainability and Resilience Institute.

  • nC² provides a transparent and cost-effective route to CFD expertise and support, from question through to solution. Companies large and small, across a range of sectors, have issues understanding and optimising their technical processes which CFD could address – I’m excited to help them cross that gap.

    Dr Lindsay-Marie Armstrong, Associate Professor and specialist in CFD