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Meet Wendell Bailey

Dr Wendell Bailey heads up the University of Southampton Cryogenic Services (UOSCS), a leading centre that draws on four decades of cryogenics research and industry engagement. Having worked at the cutting edge of cryogenics science for 20 years, Wendell has undertaken more than 200 industry consultancy projects, for clients including Shell and Siemens.

For cryogenic testing projects we involve Wendell in our initial client meetings, calling on his expertise to scope out customers’ requirements and recommend the optimum test regime.

He then designs, sets up and carries out the tests, either using the UOSCS’s existing instrumentation or a bespoke set-up, and processes and analyses the data.

Photo of Dr Wendell Bailey

Dr Wendell Bailey

After graduating as a mechanical engineer, Wendell joined the University of Southampton in 2002 to complete a PhD within the Institute of Cryogenics. He remained at the Institute in a postdoctoral role as a cryo researcher for the CERN Large Hadron Collider, before moving into consultancy in 2011. He became Head of the UOSCS in 2018. Alongside industry consultancy, Wendell continues to expand the cryogenics knowledge base through applied research, including ongoing work at CERN, and through Innovate UK and EPSRC projects.

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  • Through nC², industry can access our specialist cryogenics services and expertise. Together we can design and deliver test packages to get the data you need, whether cryo-specific or in combination with other tribological specialties.

    Dr Wendell Bailey, Head of University of Southampton Cryogenic Services