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Meet Benjamin Cameron

Dr Benjamin Cameron is a specialist in digital image correlation (DIC) – a method of measuring full strain and deformation fields which extracts rich data from mechanical tests. He also has extensive experience of metallurgy and mechanics of materials.

DIC provides high resolution mechanical strain and deformation fields which gives in-depth insight into material behaviour, including metals and polymers, and the mechanical performance of component design. This enables us to support our clients’ product development and R&D. It is particularly useful for projects involving component validation, failure, high-throughput materials testing for materials development, or to provide data for simulations. A major emerging application of these rich datasets is machine learning – which are highly dependent on training data.

Dr Benjamin Cameron

Dr Benjamin Cameron

Benjamin designs and conducts the mechanical tests and analyses the resulting data using state-of-the-art DIC equipment, which includes cameras, software and optical set-ups, in the Testing and Structures Research Laboratory (TSRL) at the University of Southampton.

Having gained a PhD in materials science at Massachusetts Institute of Technology on a Fulbright Scholarship, Benjamin completed a post-doctoral fellowship at Georgia Institute of Technology before joining the University of Southampton. His industry experience includes projects with Novelis on the development of metal testing and analysis methods, and Exelon on hydrogen embrittlement.

  • Through nC², industry can take advantage of expertise in tools such as DIC to address a range of challenges, in the context of material development and product design and validation.

    Dr Benjamin Cameron, specialist in digital image correlation