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Meet Dimitra Georgiadou

Dr Dimitra Georgiadou is an expert in the fabrication and characterisation of nanoscale electronic and optoelectronic materials and devices, such as thin films used in flexible or wearable opto/electronic devices and battery research.

We call on Dimitra’s expertise when companies need insights into the behaviour and performance of novel thin film materials or devices to support their product development.

She is skilled in a range of characterisation techniques, making use of the University’s superb facilities for the measurement of surface and/or optical properties. These include one of the few electrochemical atomic force microscopy (AFM) systems in the UK, capable of measuring batteries while in charge or discharge mode, and an advanced Kelvin probe system with additional ambient-pressure photoemission spectroscopy, to measure the energy levels of semiconductors.

Photograph of Dr Dimitra Georgiadou

Dr Dimitra Georgiadou

There are also several bespoke setups for optoelectronics characterisation, including instruments to measure the intensity or efficiency of light emitting devices or characterise the detectivity of photosensing devices from UV to NIR.

Dimitra has a PhD in chemical engineering/organic electronics and her research roles have included industry collaborations with tech SMEs, such as Pragmatic. She joined the University of Southampton in 2019 and is currently Associate Professor and a member of the Smart Electronic Materials and Systems research group, working on projects with several industrial partners.

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  • I can support your R&D, bringing over 15 years’ experience in the field of nanoscale electronic materials and device fabrication and characterisation to your project.

    Dr Dimitra Georgiadou, Associate Professor